Hello There!I'm Shravan.
Full Stack Website Developer

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About Me

I work in Infosys as Digital Specialist Engineer. I love to try new things and explore new frameworks. The above Portfolio shows all the apps I've developed and Developing.


Devappsys IT solutions Projects


This is an automation application where a user can update his timesheets. He can also save his project and employment details.
Frameworks used:Angular, Java Spring Boot.

For Clients(Final Year Students)

Employee Management

This application can save details of employees and is also used to approve or deny leave of absence.
Frameworks used:Node.js/Express.js.
Github Link:https://github.com/shravan1998/employee-management

Canteen Management

In this application a user can save the order in cart and the Management can confirm the order and print the bill.
Frameworks used:Node.js/Express.js.
Github Link:https://github.com/shravan1998/canteen-management

Hotel Booking Management

In this application a user can book the hotel and give feedbacks and file complains so that the Management can view and reply to the complains.
Frameworks used:Node.js/Express.js.
Github Link: https://github.com/shravan1998/hotel-booking

Personal Projects

Todo and Reminder application

In this application one can save the tasks and he will get the Reminder that he has to complete. Also there is a scoreboard used so that there will be a competition between users. We use slack API for reminders.
Frameworks used:Node.js/Express.js,Vue.js.
Github Link:https://github.com/shravan1998/vue-todo

Music Streaming Application

A music streaming application where a person can add or remove from the library. This app is still in progress as I'm yet to Implement in Ionic and add dark mode and change the UI.
Frameworks used:Angular.
Github Link:https://github.com/shravan1998/music-streamer

Technologies I've Worked On



Java Spring Boot